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PSTOIC annual booze up / dinner - 11th January 2014

There was a fair amount of debate for this year's venue and theme. Sticky Fingers was unfortunately not able to host the event, but Matthew thankfully managed to arrange another excellent venue for us. Carl had suggested that we meet at Heathrow Terminal 5, but Andy pointed out that platform tickets were probably not available for the rest of us.

For the theme, Doug made the suggestion for "Bring something clockwork", Andy was sure he had an orange about somewhere. Alan felt we were struggling a bit with ideas so it was suggested to expand the theme to Bring something mechanical. Bryan was able unable to make the event, suffering from some form of "MF".

There was the usual pre-meal sharpener at the Hereford Arms, and then the short walk to the Wildwood restaurant. There was a fine array of paraphernalia on offer from the Bodgers and Doug was happy to adjudicate on the best entry. Congratulations go to Rex and Jez. Cat calenders were also supplied by Alan.

A video of Doug's clockwork bird box is available at PSTOIC youtube.

The theme for next year's event: Bring something you've made yourself.

A note from Doug: Just a clarification of the intention for next year's bringalong: the "something you've made yourself" should (ideally) be made between the end of last night and the start of next year's dinner.

My understanding is that Brian Crotaz has been lumbered nominated as adjudicator for next year.

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