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PSTOIC annual booze up / dinner - 18th January 2015

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After the success of last year's trip to Gloucester Road, it was decided to give WildWood another go. Olivier took the helm this year and managed to get everything booked. It was definitely a sell out event, with a first time appearance from Alex Weidman. The usual pre-meal sharpener at the Hereford Arms was followed by the short walk to the restaurant nearly opposite. Unfortunately, there was a slight issue with Olivier's booking in that Wildwood had decided to split the group into one big table, and one small one.

Doug's suggestion from last year for the theme was bring something you've made yourself (since the last meal). Items included Alan's programmable LED row, Andy's 3D printed doobries (I think that's the correct STOIC term?), Carl's Arcade emulator, Doug's dual-boot wiring, Olivier's Samurai napkin hat, Matt's wall sockets, Kevin's hand knitted scarf and Rex's 3D interactive "roller-coaster ride".

After a short discussion to reassign the adjudication on this year's event (no Brian), Carl's excellent Arcarde emulator won. Andy presented him with a brilliant 3D printed STOIC 2015 badge.

Apologies for absence:

Next year's theme.... bring something "Illegal" (at some point in history, or in some other part of the world).

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