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PSTOIC annual dinner - 16th January 2016

Olivier did a great job organising this year's event again, a Doodle poll helped us all choose the date, and Wildwood at Gloucester Road was chosen again as the venue, who it seems are quite email saavy with regards booking alterations. This year saw another new entrant, Jon Denham. The usual pre-meal sharpener started at around 6:30pm at the Hereford Arms, followed by the short walk to the restaurant nearly opposite. This year Wildwood managed to arrange a single long table for us all to sit at.

This year's theme was bring something illegal (at some point in history, or in some other part of the world). Items included Alan's upside down stamp, Olivier's encryption software, Matt's blindfold, Doug brought some antique items. Jon entered himself as being illegal everywhere but the UK. There was also a tungsten candle bulb, and a fake STOIC badge. After a short discussion, the following was agreed:

Andy presented Matt with a hand made metallic repoussé STOIC 2016 medal. Carl's STOIC medal was awarded to Rob for second place.

Apologies for absence:

Next year's theme....

Bring something "freaky"

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