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PSTOIC annual dinner - 20th January 2018

Thanks go to Olivier, Rex and Alan for a great job organising this year's event. There was a change of plan for this year's meetup. It was decided (after a number of pre-meetups) to pick a venue suitable for showing some of the old STOIC material from back in the day. Olivier found a suitable room at the Stick'n'Bowl Chinese, but an upstairs room at the Zetland Arms in South Ken was finally decided upon. After a bit of bodging and gaffer tape, a projector and screen were setup showing material cobled together from a number of sources. Alan and Rex were offering copies on USB sticks.

This year's theme was bring something futuristic. Items included: Doug's Curta - mechanical calculator, Jez's Thermal camera attachment and mini computers, Russ's VR headset,

Andy also brought some copies of his book A Little Saw (now available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle).

After a short discussion, the following was agreed:

Apologies for absence:

Next year's theme....

Bring something foreign

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