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PSTOIC annual dinner - 29th January 2022

Thanks go to Alan and Rex for organising this year's Bodgers Assemble (6 people).

A small group of bodgers met up on 29th January for a slightly later than planned annual meet up.

Numbers were kept small but the enthusiasm and enjoyment for the evening was anything but. We had a competition, with the theme being bring something stoic, chosen 2 years ago. Food was courtesy of “Wildwood”, this time in Covent Garden as both the Gloucester Road branch and Sticky Fingers are permanently closed.

Alan also brought the original STOIC book of minutes dating back to 1979, full of memories and also some photographs of the studio from around 1992? (all scanned in below)

We followed the meal with a quick visit to the “Coal Hole”, a quirky pub on the Strand.

This year's theme was bring something stoic. Items included:

This year judging involved everyone, with a set of knock-out stages to decide the winner. Martin Evans was voted the winning entry, for Colin's 70's spinning STOIC logo (aka doobry) and a STOIC tie. Andy Clark kindly donated a medal:

The theme for 2023....

Bring something analogue

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